Rutta to Kodama

A Yaoi Aficionado’s Heartfelt Dive into a Sweet Love Story

Rutta to Kodama

As a passionate yaoi fan, stumbling upon Rutta to Kodama felt like discovering a secret garden. The story unfolds with Kodama, a newcomer at school, paired up with the alleged bad boy, Ruizaki, or “Rutta” as he’s soon endearingly nicknamed.

This unexpected pairing, against the backdrop of whispered rumors and a stunning first impression, sets the stage for a relationship that blooms beautifully and unexpectedly.

Breaking the Yaoi Mold

Here’s where Rutta to Kodama sings a different tune. In the world of yaoi, where misunderstandings and dramatic conflicts are the norm, this manga offers a breath of fresh air.

It’s sweet, straightforward, and refreshingly devoid of the usual emotional roller coasters. As someone who’s devoured countless yaoi stories, finding this simplicity was like tasting a new flavor of ice cream – familiar yet intriguingly different.

The characters grow on you in a way that’s both gentle and profound, marking Fujitani-Sensei’s work as something truly special.

Heartfelt Embarrassment and Realism

Immersing myself in Rutta to Kodama, I felt a whirlwind of emotions. It was more than just reading a story; it was like living it. The manga captures the essence of a relationship’s evolution – not just the chase, but the reality of being in love.

It’s rare to find a yaoi story that mirrors the intricacies of a real relationship, and yet, here it was. However, I couldn’t help but wish for more.

The story seemed to end too soon, leaving me yearning for further exploration of their college years and a deeper dive into the lives of the supporting characters.

While the sporadic sex scenes added spice, they sometimes felt out of place, but this is a minor quibble in an otherwise endearing tale.

Rutta to Kodama manga

A Personal Yaoi Favorite

Let’s talk about the storytelling and the art – both are impeccable. The narrative flows with a grace that resonates with me deeply, and the confession scene between Rutta and Kodama was nothing short of adorable. The art? Simply stunning.

It brings the story to life with a clarity and detail that left me searching for more works by the author. Rutta’s transformation from a troubled teen to someone more compassionate was a journey that touched my heart, and Kodama’s humor and charm added just the right touch of lightness.

I was so engrossed in their world that I read it in one go, my only complaint being its brevity.

A Yaoi Gem

Rutta to Kodama is more than just a yaoi manga; it’s a journey into the sweetness and simplicity of love. Its charm lies in its straightforward depiction of a blossoming relationship, making it a standout in the genre.

While I craved more depth and exploration, the story’s warmth and authenticity make it an unforgettable read. For anyone venturing into the yaoi world, this manga is the perfect gateway – a true testament to the genre’s ability to capture the heart in its purest form.

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