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About MyYaoi

Hey there! I’m Janelle, the heart and soul behind MyYaoi.com. This isn’t just a website; it’s a slice of my life, dedicated to the dazzling world of Yaoi manga and anime.

MyYaoi has been a labor of love, blossoming from a personal fascination into a comprehensive resource for fans worldwide. Here, I dive into the depths of Yaoi, uncovering hidden gems and reveling in the genre’s rich narratives and stunning artistry. Whether you’re here for the compelling stories, beautiful artwork, or the strong sense of community, MyYaoi is your ultimate destination for all things Yaoi.

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The Author, Janelle

A Decade of Yaoi Experience

I’ve spent more than ten years passionately collecting Yaoi manga, with over 1000 unique titles that have become treasured components of my personal library. Each manga is not just a book; it’s a portal into a story that has captivated me, a piece of art that I proudly display.

My journey doesn’t stop at reading and collecting. I’m also pouring my heart into creating my own Yaoi manga, Echoes of The Lake. It’s a heartfelt story woven with themes of romance and companionship in a small-town setting, reflecting my own artistic vision and narrative style.


My academic background is rooted in the arts and literature. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas, where I honed my skills in artistic expression and storytelling. My studies in literature, completed alongside my art degree, further enriched my understanding of narrative techniques and styles, graduating in 2018 with a comprehensive grasp of both visual and written storytelling.

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So, as you navigate through MyYaoi, you’re not just exploring a website. You’re stepping into a world shaped by years of experience, academic learning, and a heartfelt love for Yaoi. Whether you’re here to find your next favorite story or to connect with fellow fans, MyYaoi welcomes you with open arms. Enjoy your journey through the captivating and diverse world of Yaoi manga and anime!

Thank you for joining me in this beautiful exploration of Yaoi. Here’s to many more years of sharing and celebrating this unique genre together – Janelle

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