Honto Yajuu

A Refreshingly Cute Yaoi Manga

Honto Yajuu

As a yaoi aficionado, I’ve read my fair share of boys’ love stories, but Honto Yajuu (English: “Like the Beast”) holds a special place in my heart.

Authored by Yamamoto Kotetsuko and serialized since July 10, 2008, this ongoing manga intertwines the lives of Ueda Tomoharu, a dedicated policeman, and Gotouda Aki, a member of the yakuza, in an unexpected love story that defies the norms​​​​.

An Unconventional Romance

The premise of Honto Yajuu is as intriguing as it is unlikely. A policeman and a yakuza member falling in love? It sounds like the setup for a gritty crime drama, but instead, Honto Yajuu surprises you with its lighthearted approach.

The relationship between Ueda and Aki is refreshingly straightforward and consensual, a delightful departure from the often complicated and dramatic narratives in yaoi manga. The manga’s charm lies in its simplicity and the cute, silly nature of their relationship, which is bound to make you smile​​.

More Than Just Cute

While the story’s cuteness is undeniably its standout feature, Honto Yajuu goes beyond just being adorable. It’s about the quirky, endearing courtship of two people who, by societal standards, should be enemies.

Yet, they’re drawn to each other in a relationship that’s full of warmth and humor. The story effectively captures the essence of being in love, with all its weird and wonderful quirks, making it a unique reading experience in the yaoi genre​​.

Honto Yajuu manga

Character Development and Art

The character development in Honto Yajuu is noteworthy. Aki, the hot-headed yakuza, and Ueda, the caring and friendly cop, are not just one-dimensional characters.

They are well-fleshed out, with their personalities and interactions evolving as the story progresses. The art style is visually appealing, contributing to the manga’s overall charm.

From the design of the characters to the depiction of their emotions, the artwork enhances the storytelling and adds depth to their romance​​.

A Personal Take

Reading Honto Yajuu is like a breath of fresh air in the yaoi landscape. The manga skillfully balances humor, romance, and character development. It’s a story that makes you believe in the power of love in the most unexpected places.

The way Aki and Ueda navigate their relationship, with all its ups and downs, is both endearing and inspiring. It’s a manga that not only entertains but also portrays a heartwarming and genuine relationship that can develop between two contrasting individuals.

Why Honto Yajuu Stands Out

In a genre where dramatic and often complex narratives are the norm, Honto Yajuu stands out for its simplicity and the genuine connection between its main characters. It’s a testament to the idea that a yaoi manga can be both incredibly cute and have substantial depth.

The blend of comedy, romance, and well-crafted characters makes it a must-read for anyone who enjoys a heartwarming love story that defies expectations​​.

Honto Yajuu is more than just a yaoi manga; it’s a delightful exploration of love that blossoms in the most unlikely of circumstances. Its charm, humor, and the adorable dynamics between Ueda and Aki make it a standout in the world of boys’ love stories.

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