As a passionate fan of Links by Natsuki Kizu, I’m excited to share my personal perspective on this extraordinary yaoi manga.

This single-volume masterpiece, comprising nine beautifully crafted chapters, was a journey that left a lasting impression on me. Published in 2014, “Links” encompasses the Boys Love genre with a unique flair, earning a well-deserved score of 7.57 from its avid readers​​​​.

What immediately drew me to Links was its intricate storytelling and the profound connections between its characters. Each narrative thread in “Links” is a delicate exploration of relationships, love, and the unexpected ways our lives intersect. Natsuki Kizu’s art is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The characters are depicted with such distinct and expressive features, especially their eyes, that you feel deeply connected to their stories. The contrast between the stunningly drawn seme and the ethereal uke characters adds a layer of depth to the visual storytelling.


The manga introduces us to diverse pairs, each with their unique bond. From Sekiya Masahito and Shibata Ryou’s evolving relationship, born out of a voice fetish and irritation, to Tsubame Yahiko and Niitsu Akiha’s poignant story of love and letting go, each couple’s tale is beautifully told.

The chance encounter between Ogikawa Yuusei and Kameda Aoi, starting with a rescue mission for a cat, and the tumultuous relationship between Nakajou Shinobu and Sado Takaaki, tied by a shared past, are narratives that showcase the varied facets of love and companionship.

As an avid reader, Links resonated with me on multiple levels. The manga is not just a collection of romantic stories; it’s a profound look at human emotions and relationships.

The drama CD adaptation, with its exceptional voice acting, brought an additional layer of realism and depth to the characters, making the experience even more immersive.

In my personal review, Links is a five-star read. It’s a rare gem in the yaoi genre that beautifully intertwines complex emotions with captivating storytelling and art.

Each story in the manga is a testament to the diverse expressions of love and the intricate ways our lives are linked.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of yaoi or new to the genre, Links is a must-read that promises to touch your heart and leave you reflecting on the beautiful complexities of human connections.

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