Junjou Romantica


As an ardent fan of Junjou Romantica by Shungiku Nakamura, I’m excited to share a more detailed perspective on this captivating yaoi manga.

This series, which began its journey in 2002, holds a special place in my heart for its unique blend of romance, comedy, drama, and erotica, painting a rich tapestry of emotional and humorous narratives​​.

Junjou Romantica weaves the lives of three couples, each exploring different dimensions of love and relationships:

Junjou Romantica

The central story of Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko Usami is a complex web of emotions. Misaki, a university student preparing for exams, and Usami, a famous novelist and friend of Misaki’s beloved brother, initially clash in a flurry of misunderstandings and reluctant interactions.

The tension escalates when Misaki discovers Usami’s explicit boys-love novel, sparking a confrontation that leads to unexpected romantic developments. Their evolving relationship, marked by moments of jealousy, misunderstandings, and deep affection, is a heartwarming portrayal of love’s transformative power​​.

Junjou Egoist

The tale of Hiroki Kamijou and Nowaki Kusama resonates deeply with me. Hiroki, nursing an unrequited love, encounters Nowaki, who is immediately drawn to him.

Their relationship, beginning with tutoring sessions, gradually blossoms into a poignant love story. It’s a narrative that beautifully captures the struggles of pride, vulnerability, and the courage to embrace new love​​.

Junjou Terrorist

Shinobu Takatsuki and You Miyagi’s story is both complicated and compelling. The age gap and Shinobu’s connection to Miyagi through his sister add layers of complexity to their relationship. Shinobu’s unwavering determination to win over Miyagi, despite the latter’s reluctance, paints a tale of persistent love and the challenges of accepting unconventional relationships​​.


The series’ widespread popularity, as evidenced by its sales and expansion into drama CDs, light novels, spin-offs, and an anime adaptation, highlights its universal appeal and the depth of its storytelling​​.

In my personal review, Junjou Romantica deserves nothing less than ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Its ability to weave humor with deep emotional storytelling, coupled with relatable characters and engaging narratives, makes it a standout in the yaoi genre.

Each story within the manga is a testament to love’s diverse forms and the journey of finding acceptance, understanding, and profound connection.

For anyone delving into the world of yaoi manga, Junjou Romantica is an essential, heartwarming read that promises a blend of laughter, tears, and a deep appreciation for the complexities of love.

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