This Wonderful Season With You

A Cherished Journey Through This Wonderful Season With You

this wonderful season with you

I’ve been reading countless manga for the longest time now, each weaving stories of love and heartache, but among these, This Wonderful Season With You stands out as something truly special.

This manga is a refreshing breeze that blew my expectations away of what I though it was going to be.

A Heartfelt School Romance

This Wonderful Season With You (known in Japanese as “Subarashii Kisetsu ni Yasashii Kimi to”) is a single-volume manga composed of eight soul-stirring chapters.

It intricately blends genres of comedy, romance, and school life, offering a slice-of-life narrative that resonates deeply with its audience​​​​​​.

Meet Our Unlikely Duo: Enoki & Shirataki

The story revolves around Enoki, the quintessential nerd, a character who embodies social awkwardness and a deep passion for video games.

His life, predominantly insular and friendless, takes a surprising turn when he meets Shirataki.

In contrast, Shirataki is a former baseball club member, exuding an aura of athleticism and confidence.

Their worlds couldn’t be more different, yet a unique bond blossoms between them​​​​.

A Story of Opposites Attracting

What captivates me most about This Wonderful Season With You is the dance of opposites.

Yusen masterfully portrays the evolving dynamics between Enoki and Shirataki, painting a portrait of a friendship that tenderly morphs into something deeper.

Their interactions are a blend of heartwarming moments and gentle humor, making their journey not just a love story but a testament to the power of understanding and acceptance​​.

this wonderful season with you yaoi manga

An Honest Reflection: The Ups and Downs

While I cherish this manga, it’s only fair to acknowledge its nuances.

Some readers, including myself, find the characters leaning towards stereotypical – Enoki as the ‘nerd’ and Shirataki as the ‘jock’.

This traditional dynamic might seem predictable, yet their story remains engaging, thanks to Yusen’s skillful storytelling.

However, it’s worth noting that while Shirataki gets some depth, especially regarding his family life,

Enoki’s character could have used more development beyond his shy and nerdy facade​​.

Charm with Minor Flaws

Artistically, Yusen’s work in This Wonderful Season With You is visually appealing, though not without its quirks.

I did notice the occasional inconsistencies in Shirataki’s portrayal and minor anatomical inaccuracies.

Yet, these are small distractions in an otherwise fluid and engaging visual narrative.

The manga’s paneling is particularly commendable, guiding readers seamlessly through the story’s ebbs and flows​​.

A Tender, Worthwhile Read

This Wonderful Season With You is a manga that holds a special place in my heart.

It’s a story that may tread familiar paths but does so with such sincerity and charm that you can’t help but be drawn in.

It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most endearing tales of love come from the simplest connections – between two people who, on the surface, couldn’t be more different.

This manga is a must-read for any yaoi enthusiast, and even if you’re new to the genre, it’s a wonderful introduction to the tender narratives yaoi can offer.

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