A Symphony of Love and Music in Yaoi

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As someone who breathes yaoi manga, Given by Natsuki Kizu struck a chord in my heart like no other. This manga, with its nine captivating volumes running from 2013 to 2023, is not just a boys’ love story – it’s an emotional rollercoaster set to the rhythm of life and music​​.

More Than Just Romance

When Mafuyu Satou strums his guitar, haunted by melodies of loss and longing, and meets Ritsuka Uenoyama, the guitarist who discovers his voice, “Given” transcends typical yaoi narratives. It’s about the power of music to express, to heal, to connect. Their journey, alongside bandmates Haruki and Akihiko, resonates with the soulful tune of real-life struggles and heartfelt connections​​.

Characters: The Soul of the Story

In Given, each character is a masterpiece. Mafuyu, Uenoyama, Haruki, Akihiko – they’re not just characters; they’re people with depth, flaws, and beauty. Their stories are interwoven with authenticity, making you root for them, cry with them, and grow with them​​​​.

Tackling Real Issues with Grace

This manga doesn’t shy away from tough themes like mental illness, LGBT struggles, and the complexities of relationships. Mafuyu’s journey through depression, Uenoyama’s realization of his sexuality, and the band’s interpersonal dynamics are handled with a finesse that is both rare and necessary in yaoi manga​​.

A Personal Take

For me, Given is more than a manga; it’s an experience. It’s about finding hope in the darkest places, about the healing power of music, and about love in its most genuine form. Every chapter is a note in a song that speaks directly to the heart, making it a treasure in the yaoi world.


Varied Perspectives, Unified Love for Given

While some readers have their reservations, finding certain aspects lacking, the beauty of “Given” lies in its ability to evoke different emotions in each of us. It’s a testament to the story’s depth and the multifaceted nature of its narrative​​.

In Summary: A Yaoi Masterpiece

To sum it up, Given is a masterpiece that every yaoi enthusiast should embrace. It’s a symphony of emotions, a celebration of love, music, and the journey of life. It’s a story that stays with you long after the final page, playing on the strings of your heart​​.

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