Candy Color Paradox

A Yaoi Manga Delight

candy color paradox

As a dedicated fan of yaoi manga, discovering Candy Color Paradox was like finding a hidden gem. Authored by Isaku Natsume, this manga offers a blend of romance, drama, and journalistic intrigue, set within the bustling world of magazine reporting.

Serialized initially in the yaoi manga magazine Dear+ from December 2010 to May 2012, and later in Chéri+, “Candy Color Paradox” has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of yaoi enthusiasts​​​​.

Plot: Rivalry to Romance

The story revolves around Satoshi Onoe, a principled reporter with a strong sense of justice, who finds himself transferred to the celebrity gossip section of the weekly tabloid magazine, Dash! Here, he is paired with Motoharu Kaburagi, a photographer with a two-faced approach to gathering information.

This pairing is the catalyst for a series of events where rivalry turns into mutual respect and eventually blossoms into love. The dynamic between Onoe and Kaburagi is the heartbeat of the manga, offering a compelling narrative of how antagonistic relationships can evolve into something deeply affectionate​​.

Character Dynamics

The character development in Candy Color Paradox is a highlight. Onoe’s straight-laced personality contrasts sharply with Kaburagi’s more unscrupulous methods. This difference not only drives the plot but also deepens the complexity of their relationship.

Kaburagi’s admiration for Onoe’s innocence and Onoe’s eventual understanding and respect for Kaburagi’s methods add layers to their evolving relationship. This depth makes their journey from colleagues to lovers both believable and engaging​​.

candy color

Cultural Impact and Reception

Candy Color Paradox has not only been popular among readers but has also left a significant mark in the yaoi genre. By December 2022, it had sold over 1.3 million physical copies in Japan alone.

It has been lauded for its portrayal of a bickering couple whose relationship evolves into understanding and love.

However, some critics have pointed out the occasionally rushed storytelling and the potential irritation caused by Onoe’s character, highlighting that the manga, while engaging, is not without its flaws​​.

Beyond the Manga: Multimedia Adaptations

The manga’s success spawned several adaptations, enriching the Candy Color Paradox universe. This includes audio dramas, an OVA included in the 6 Lovers compilation DVD, and a live-action television drama.

These adaptations, particularly the drama series, expanded the reach of “Candy Color Paradox,” introducing its charming story to a broader audience​​​​​​.

Personal Reflections

As a yaoi lover, “Candy Color Paradox” strikes a perfect balance between romantic development and character depth.

The gradual transformation of Onoe and Kaburagi’s relationship is a testament to Natsume’s storytelling prowess. The series adeptly navigates the complexities of human emotions, making it a standout in the yaoi genre. While it has its shortcomings, the emotional journey it takes readers on is both memorable and heartfelt.

Candy Color Paradox is more than just a yaoi manga; it’s a narrative about growth, understanding, and the unexpected paths love can take. It’s a must-read for fans of the genre and a delightful discovery for newcomers.

Its blend of drama, humor, and romance, coupled with Natsume’s engaging art style, makes it a noteworthy addition to any manga collection.

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